About Us

Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery is an Asia’s Most Awarded Gallery providing services ranging from pre-wedding photography, wedding and bridal consultations, professional make-up and customize designer gowns.


Enya is an independent Irish musician and four-time Grammy Award winner who has dazzled the world with her New Age music. With her music playing in the background while I’m working; the mesmerising melodies never fail to inspire me. As tribute to this wonderful musician who has given me many beautiful ideas, I decided to use the name ‘Enya’ as my company’s name. ‘Mareine’, on the other hand, means ‘queen’ in French. At ENYA MAREINE, we’re not just about helping couples shoot uniquely romantic wedding albums. Our goal is to convey the message that “love needs to be nurtured, happiness needs to be created”. A wedding album acts like a thermometer that encourages the flame of love to burn brighter. When there’s a need to increase its warmth, all you need to do is flip through the pages of your album, and you’ll be able to relive the tender moments you shared together, all over again.

On The Essence Of ENYA MAREINE

We live by the maxim of “beauty, precision, kindness” to create a beautiful business that puts others first. In our line of work, we meet so many different individuals and partners, and I firmly believe in this philosophy: fish and water complement each other. Fish and water can never be separated, so when making decisions, I always put myself in the other party’s shoes to see things from their perspective. When I think of others, my partners will reciprocate with the same degree of kindness. When dealing with customers, we treat them with sincerity from the bottom of our hearts because we understand what they want. In return, they open their lives to us and see us as friends instead of just another wedding photography studio.

CEO Mr. Ikaxa Tan | Love + Life + Happiness

On Receiving Numerous Awards And International Recognition

I’m very thankful to have received guidance from the great Master Daisaku Ikeda, a renowned philosophical photographer. His wise words never fail to spur me on: “Apart from allowing an individual to express himself and communicate diligently with others, art also nourishes the inner self. True art isn’t about one’s own reputation or interests; rather, it’s about putting smiles on other people’s faces and developing the soul of your passion.” His humble values form the very foundation of a solid, supportive relationship with my team.

On Creative Breakthroughs

I chose to study photography as a way of challenging my limits. I’ve since learned to look at things from a different perspective; to create a new dimension of space through the viewfinder. Before pressing the shutter button, I think about how to construct an image so that the people, objects and landscapes come together seamlessly without overshadowing each other. Should I play with space, or should I fill up the emptiness? These questions are all part and parcel of the creative process. Using a photographer’s trained eye to interpret and analyse the entire setting of a dialogue is both a challenge as well as a breakthrough in itself


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