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Dialogue with Happiness 《与幸福对话》 新书发布会

Events, Seed of Love / posted at Jul 18, 2016

Dialogue with Happiness Book Highlight

What is the secret to Ultimate Happiness? Unveil the secrets of 100 heart-warming love stories around the world with Enya Mareine first official book ‘Dialogue with Happiness’!

This book is dedicated to all the lovers in the world who enjoy intimate conversations of happiness, and have decided to spend their lifetimes together. Pre-order now to receive a complimentary family photoshoot with signature 8R frame! We wish to see you there!

想知道永恒幸福的精彩写实秘密吗?让 Enya Mareine与您一起揭开100对新人的浪漫爱情故事和感人的永恒彩照,全球首发布,现预订搶购,将获得免费精美全家福拍摄彩照 !万勿错过,一辈子的幸福,我们约定您!!

Gracefully Yours,
Enya Mareine

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