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Majestic of Colours’ Photography Workshop

Events / posted at Oct 15, 2016

Enya Mareine honourably presents “Majestic of Colours” international photography workshop.

Conducted by Enya Mareine’s Master Educators, Mr Tiger Cho and Mr Henry Chong, followed by Japan’s prominent APA Master Photographer, Mr Haseo Hasegawa, we are all set to embark on this marvellous journey with inspirations, challenges and intellectual joy.

Being the ambassador of Ricoh-Imaging Pentax whilst rooted with a deep background in fashion, Haseo Hasegawa is inspired by the daily beauties in life to transform his remarkable visions into Japanese’s authentic fashion yet classical portraits.

With the goal of educating and nurturing individuals interested in the field of photography, Enya Mareine has presented workshops in countries around the world by enriching their creativity and technical expertise to fulfil their personal artistic visions.

With the unification empire of Enya Mareine and Haseo Hasegawa, we strive to deliver and explore the integration between fashion and wedding photography by capturing images of dynamic and static compositions.

Secure your place now and the first 10 to sign up will take advantage of the early bird discount! Book now!

For bookings and enquiries, please contact Bernie at for more details.


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