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Majestic of Colours’ 2017 Workshop

Workshop / posted at Oct 29, 2016




As of 2017, Enya Mareine will continue the ‘Seed of Education’ campaign aiming to spread the art of photography culture to the young and passionate generation. Having benefited over 800 students across Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan to United Kingdom, the goal is to educate and nurture the students interested in the field of photography by enriching their creativity and technical expertise to fulfill their personal artistic visions.

We are proud to announce the 15th photography workshop ‘Majestic of Colours’ which will be held at Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 14th January 2017.

Coducted by Enya Mareine Master Educators, Mr Tiger Cho and Mr Henry Chong, followed by Japan’s renowned APA Master Photographer, Mr Haseo Hasegawa, we are set to embark on this marvelous journey with inspirations, challenges and intellectual joy. Students will have the opportunity to discover the fundamentals of photography from lighting, composition, colour editing to many more.

This workshop will served as a platform for students across Singapore and Malaysia to have the opportunity to meet people interested in this field.

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